We produce fresh fruit and market it, we supply the market with fresh fruit throughout the year. We bring the fruit of the field to your table, guaranteeing the highest quality and flavor.
Once tested, you will surely repeat. Our enviable geographical location, together with the quality of our lands and our climate, help us to offer a product of the highest quality.

Quality Certificates

Global GAP

Trust in a great brand

We have been fruit producers for more than 60 years, a long experience has endowed us with the necessary skills to know the fruit we produce, not in vain the FRUTAS LOZANO brand began and continues with the Lozano family born between lands, trees and fruit, with which we have achieved a great knowledge of the field, our products and the needs of the market.


The flavor of our land

Harvested at the optimal time, guaranteeing the cold chain and the quality of our product.


We produce and market

We submit all our processes to a rigorous control that guarantees that they comply with all European regulations.


Fresh fruit
with a great natural flavor

When the fruit tastes like fruit is when you know that you have in your hands a quality product, a pampered fruit from the moment the tree is planted and until it begins to bear fruit, why only helping our trees grow with the best water, the best products that respect the environment and with the best treatment, the highest quality fruit is obtained.

What do we do?

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